Time to start again…..

13 05 2010

Well it has been a while since I last blogged…. I know, social media mistake 101, but unfortunately somethings offline take presedence over the online world….

But I am back and will continue to post my thoughts on social media in the UK……

I am working in a new field now, Healthcare, but also FMCG as I am part of a global company.  It has been an interesting transition from small company to large multinational and one I thought would be difficult, but actually I am finding similar barriers that I found in the small company.

I know that stakeholders I meet STILLy have no idea about social media and they think that it is Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  They hear buzz words and read the odd article and then deem themselves an “expert” in social media.  I meet Marketing Managers who read marketing week and think they know what social media is……   I have agencies calling me left right and centre ACTING like they know about social media…. It is honestly very frustrating, but that is what we endure being at the forefront of something that is changing the marketplace in huge advances.

I am lucky that I work for a company who is letting me put into practice what I preach and actually show what the potential of social media is.  My budget is signed off so now its GO GO GO.  So many of my peers that I talk with would love the opportunity that is before me, but face that uphill battle of trying to educate and convince stakeholders that Social media should not be ignored and it needs resource to be signed off to it.

I’ll keep you up to date with how its all tracking!




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